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Fire Alarm Systems

You know what’s at risk.

So nothing more needs to be said about installing the best possible fire detection system. In any case, today's insurers insist on nothing less. Delivering equipment design and engineering excellence to its customers is a principle philosophy of KJB Security. The demands of the highly specialist fire systems market are ever changing, therefore requiring a continuous appreciation of the best practices utilized by market leaders around the globe.

To deliver outstanding customer excellence in all fields KJB Security employs a combination of dedicated professionals working alongside specialist security personnel. Comprehensive technical back up comes from our on call team of specialists, installation and maintenance staff. Our commitment to you is Service at its best.

What are your Fire System options?

Many different types of fire alarm detection technologies and detection devices are available in the industry today, so it is possible to provide protection to any building irrespective of it's shape or size. Millions of pounds worth of loss or damage can occur if buildings are not adequately protected. Most of these losses are avoidable with some proactive attention being paid to having a system designed and installed by a professional organisation.

Normally a combination of point of heat and smoke detectors and call points are sufficient to cover buildings. We can also offer other types of detection, whether it’s a stand-alone system or a fully integrated system KJB have the solution that will provide peace of mind for all building managers and those responsible for ensuring the safety of their staff.


Fire Alarm Systems

Many homes have simple smoke detectors, but KJB Fire packages offer more; should you be overcome with smoke, or away from home when fire strikes, we will alert you or your keyholder and the fire service.

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Fire Alarm Systems

When fire strikes a business, it must be able to react immediately. KJB’s fire detection systems can identify the signs of a fire at the earliest possible stages and can pinpoint its location across large premises.

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Public Sector
Fire Alarm Systems

Public buildings often suffer from arson attacks. This in particular has a serious effect on educational facilities; 5 to 10% of some education authorities' maintenance budgets are spent repairing vandalism damage.

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Small Business
Fire Alarm Systems

Fire can have a destructive impact on a business; property damage, injuries and loss of lives. Fire statistics show that 80% of single

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What we do best:

We apply the latest technology and thinking to a wide range of security scenarios. From CCTV to Access control, no matter how big or small your requirements, KJB's team will design and configure a complete solution. All you'll have to do is wonder where your worry went and embrace the peace of mind a KJB security system brings.

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